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JamalMalik is one question away from winning 20 million rupes.
How did he do it? 彼はどうやってココまでたどりついたのか?
1,he cheated ズル(不正)をした
2,he was lucky 幸運だった
3,he is a genious 天才だから
4,it is written 運命だから


Recently i saw the new blockbuster movie "slum-dog Millionaire”.
This movie was so Good!! I really loved it.
It was full of action,romance, betrayal and culture.
Before watching the movie I didn't know much about India's culture,but i found it was very interesting and have been inspired to learn more about it.

The story is about a boy who is a "slum-dog"(a low ranking person in India) and he is trying to find the love of his life who he was separated from many years before.

In a plan to try to find her,he goes onto the show " who wants to be a millionaire" hoping that she will be watching and will find him.

He continues to answer the questions correctly which leads the producers of the show to think he is cheating (because a slum-dog wouldn't be smart enough to know the answers).

The movie shows clips from throughout his life which explain why he knows the answers to the questions.

There are moments that make you laugh, moments that make you cringe and moments that make you want to cry. I think it is one of the best movies i have seen this year.

blockbuster movie 評判の超大作
betrayal 裏切り
the love of his life 生涯愛する人
hoping 望みながら(分詞構文)
cheating cheat(動詞)ズルをする・裏切る
make O O  O(人)をO(感情)の状態にする(使役動詞)
cringe  動詞  身のすくむ


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投稿者 ゆうこ : 2009年05月25日 16:48

Yhea,that's sad but IT is a reality.
i really thank what i have where i am and want to be somebody who can share it with people i love.

投稿者 mayu : 2009年06月05日 21:13