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Movies for Summer Holiday!

もうすぐ夏休みですね☆彡 Movie night(おうちでスナックやアイスクリーム飲み物を用意して映画会)にもってこいのBlogです。

Hi Everybody,
This is Chris, Monday`s teacher at Wiki Wiki in Taisho. Today I`m going to write about movies on this blog. I`m a big movie fan and watcher. I like all kinds of movies- horror, suspense, black-and-white noir movies, action, comedies, sci- fi (science fiction), and romance comedies! One of my favorite movies is a sci-fi thriller call 12 Monkeys.
I`ll tell you a little about this movie`s plot.
So, for me, a sci-fi movie is either hit- or –miss. This means I either love it (hit) or hate it (miss). Never in-between “it was ok.” And 12 Monkeys is a major hit for me! It stars Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt. The plot is about a virus that is wiping out the human race. Billions of people have died. The remaining survivors must go underground to live since the virus is in the air. The mission of the people then is to find out how the virus started- “Where the heck did this deadly virus come from?” Using a time –travel machine, they search for the virus and the mysterious group known as the 12 Monkeys.
Ok, this was a movie I had to watch plenty of times to figure it all out. It was very confusing at first. I`m still confused, lol (laugh out loud). But its an exciting movie with a lot of original story and an amazing ending. A definite must watch if you`re into sci-fi.

And next I thought I`d make a list of some of my favorite movies, with a brief description. Here we go:
The Maltese Falcon- this is an old black-and-white detective movie starring Humphrey Bogart. The Japanese title is Maruta No Taka. It`s considered by many critics to be the greatest detective movie of all time.
Fight Club- a great guy, action movie, but maybe some girls will like too. It stars Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Its an action movie with a deeper meaning. And there is a plot twist.
The Sixth Sense- this is horror and suspense. But the horror isn’t soo bad, so you guys who are afraid of horror can still watch and be ok. Starring Bruce Willis, this has the best ending ever in a movie.
Deadpool- this movie only came out a year ago. It’s a superhero movie, but this superhero is a little more violent and pretty hilarious.
North by Northwest- I`m not sure what the Japanese title is – Kita~something something. It’s directed by the famous Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock is known as “The Master of Suspense” so if you like suspense, you should check this one out.
Men in Blacke 3 - This is a fun, funny, exciting action sci-fi moavie. It stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
An Officer and a Gentleman- the Japanese title in English is “A Departure of Love and Youth (ai to seishu no tobidachi maybe). It`s an eighties movie starring Richard Gere. It`s considered to be a great date movie.
Crazy Stupid Love- the Japanese title is Love Love Again I think. This is a romance comedy, I think is pretty funny. A very fun funny movie.

Ok, there`s a short list of movies I love. If you get the chance, check 1 or 2 or ALLLLL of them out. I`ve got good taste, I think. That is all. Have a good one. Take care.



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